Members of the First Wellington County Historical Society

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1966


Contributed by: Mrs. D. B. Shutt

There are at least four people living hwo were members of the first Wellington County Historical Society in 1935-35. There are Mrs. Norman Wallace, Mr. C. L. C. Allinson, Mr. John McElderry, and Mrs. T. J. Hannigan.

The full list of 88 members has come to light recently, and will remind us of the yeoman service done during the depression, when these earnest historians did their utmost to save the logs of the Priory. This list is found on the last page of Volume 3 of the Society’s publications, and may supply a clue by which the Guelph Historical Society can further its research.

Some of the names are unknown to this writer, and may be alive, though this is a slim chance. The list of members is as follows: 0

David Allan; Mrs. David Allan; Capt. C. Allinson; John Armstrong; Miss
Edith Allan; Miss M. Ariss; Miss E. A. Ariss; R.N.; Chas. W. Barber; I.
C. Bricker; T. N. Bell; Dr. A. E. Byerley; Walter C. Buckingham, K.C.;
Dr. N. S. Burrows; Dr. E. S. Burrows; Mrs. Henry Brock; Dr. G. P.
Britton; L. Burnell; Miss Lenore Cutten; Harry Cutten; John Carr; J. M.
Card; C. L. Dunbar, K.C.; Mrs. C. L. Dunbar; Miss Annie Foote; Miss
Mary Foote; A. S. Foster; John Gow, O.B.E.; Miss Agnes J. Heffernan; C.
M. Hockin; John Hockin; J. R. Howitt, K.C.; Mrs. J. R. Howitt; Charles
E. Howitt; Mrs. Henry Howitt; W.G. Howell; Rev. A. M. Hamilton; Miss E.
holliday; Mrs. T. J. hannigan; Harry Higinbotham; Mrs. Harry
higinbotham; R. G. Johnston; D. E. Kenndy; John Kenny; Fred G.
Ketcheson; A. Leitch; H. J. B. Leadlay; Mrs. H. J. B. Leadlay; Hamilton
Public Library; Guelph Public Library; William laidlaw; O. G. Lye; Miss
Selina MacLean; Evan Macdonald; Mrs. J. S. MucCullough; John H.
McElderry; R. e. Mills; J. S. Millar; Miss May P. Munro; Miss Grace
Mitchell; Mrs. Sarah Martin; Leo Messner; Thomas Mahon; C. L. Nelles;
Dr. T. H. Orton; Mrs. W. M. Pentelow; Miss E. Standish; Miss J. M.
Snyder; Joseph M. Snyder; Alexander Stewart; Phebe Stewart; J. Godfrey
Smith; Mrs. J. Godfrey Smith; Miss Etta Stewart; O. J. Stevenson, M.A.;
Archdeacon G. F. Scovil, D.D.; Miss M. Till; Mrs. Amos Tovell; R. L.
Torrance; George Thorp; Mrs. Henry Wissler; A. W. Wright; Frederic
Watt, K.C.; Dr. Norman Wallace; George Walkie; Harry Westoby; Miss
Annie Wilson Mrs. Norman Wallace.