Evenings with History  2019 - 2020 Lecture Series

Unless otherwise specified, all GHS Lectures takes place at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church at 161 Norfolk Street at 7:30 pm.


Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Struggle without Rest: Remembering the Forgotten Pandemic of 1918/1919
Speaker: Neil Orford

After four years of struggle to defeat an enemy thousands of miles away, Canadians came home in 1918 to a virulent enemy –the Spanish Influenza– threatening home and hearth. Despite losing almost as many Canadians to thepandemic as to the First World War, the stories from the1918/1919 Pandemic in Canada have almost been forgotten. Neil Orford will help us “remember’ those stories.

Neil Orford has retired from teaching History. He has won numerous awards for his teaching, most recently the 2015 Government of Canada History Award for Teaching; as well as the prestigious 2013 Canadian Governor Generals Award for History Teaching and the 2012 Ontario Premier’s Award for Teaching Excellence.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Title: Canadian Hitchhiking in the 1960s
Speaker: Linda Mahood