Notable Dates In Connections with Colleges

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1966

Edited: 2021


From: The Guelph Daily Mercury, Tuesday, November 30, 1965.



Ontario Agricultural College:


1869 - The Hon. John Carling proposed the establishment of a School of Agriculture in Ontario.
1874-1879 - William Johnston appointed principal. His regime saw a firm foundation laid for the future.
1874 - June 1: Guelph had 31 students in residence at the School of Agriculture and Experimental Farm.
1879-1904 - James Mills appointed president.


- February 11: Act of Legislature created the Ontario Agricultural College and Experimental Farm, Guelph.

- Associate Diploma officially approved.
- Ontario Agricultural and experiment Union formed.

1886 - Three-year course organized.
1888 - Five candidates granted the B.S.A. degree.
1889 - First issue of OAC Review appeared.
1893 - February: Dairy school opened.
1901 - Massey Hall and library completed.
1902 - B.S.A. program extended to four years.
1903 - Macdonald Institute opened.
1904-1920 - George C. Creelman appointed president.


- New buildings completed, including field husbandry and poultry buildings, as well as a new dining hall.
- New physics building under construction.

1918 - First woman admitted to regular long course in agriculture.
1920-1928 - J. B. Reynolds appointed president.
1920 - Mills Hall completed.
1924 - Opening of Memorial Hall.
1926 - Degree for a Masters of Science established.
1928-1947 - G. I. Christie appointed president.
1932 - New Administration Building opened.
1941-1944 - No. 4 Wireless School stationed at the College.
1947-1950 - W. R. Reek appointed president.
1947-1948 - Eight grade 13 papers required for admission to the
first-year of degree course.
1950-1962 - J. D. MacLachlan appointed president.
1959 - Department of Extension Education opened.


- Became part of Federated Colleges.
N. R. Richards appointed as Dean.



- Became part of the University of Guelph as a founding College.
- Ph.D. program set up under the University of Guelph.



- School of Landscape Architecture opened.
- School of Agricultural Engineering formed from Department of Engineering Science.


Ontario Veterinary College:


1861 - Professor Buckland sent to Scotland where Professor Dick recommended Andrew Smith to head a veterinary school in Canada.
1862 - Ontario Veterinary College granted a private charter.
1866 - First class of three men graduated as veterinary surgeons.


- E. A. A. Grange appointed principal.
- The College was acquired by the government and placed under the direction of the Minister of Agriculture.



- Closer affiliation with the University of Toronto was affected. 

- C. D. McGilvray appointed principal.
Course lengthened to four years.

1922 - College transferred to Guelph.
1945 - Andrew L. MacNabb appointed principal.
1946 - Degree changed from Bachelor of Veterinary Science to Doctor of Veterinary medicine.
1949 - 46-acre experimental research station set up. Course lengthened from four-years to five-years.
1952 - T. Lloyd Jones appointed principal.
1955 - Permission obtained from University of Toronto to give a complete graduate program.
1959 - Medical-surgical building opened with the most advanced facilities on the continent.


- College celebrated its 100th birthday.
- Became a part of Federated Colleges for administration purposes.

1964 - Became part of the University of Guelph as a founding College.


- New building for avian pathology, wildlife diseases and virology opened.
- Undergraduate course changed to a four-year professional course and entrance requirements changed to include two years of pre-veterinary education at University level.