Launching Of The Manitoba At Owen Sound

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1966

Edited: 2021


"Owen Sound, May 4 – The new C.P.R. steamer, Manitoba, was launched here today. Immediately on arrival of the one o’clock train, which had two special cars of friends of the Polson Company, all preparations for the launch were completed. Thousands of spectators were on the ground or cliff overlooking the work. Present on the platform on the bow, amongst others, were Mr. Polson, President of the Polson Iron Works Company, Mr. F. Polson, Mr. H. Beatty, manager of the C.P.R. Steamship Line, Miss Mamie Beatty, Mr. Jeffrey, manager of the Polson Iron Works, Owen Sound, Mr. James Masson, M.P., Mrs. Jeffrey, Miss Jeffrey, D. Creighton, M.P.P., Capt. F. Harbottle, Mr. Ewing Buchan, manager of the Bank of Hamilton, Toronto, H. H. O’Reilly, manager of the Bank of Hamilton, Owen Sound, John Creasor, Q.C., Owen Sound, Mayor Morrison, Mr. John Chisholm, Reeve, Mr. J.C. Miller, Deputy Reeve, Capt. Anderson of the Manitoba, and many others.

The ceremony of the naming of the vessel was performed by Miss Mamie Beatty. At 1:25 P.M. the first tap of the hammer was heard knocking away the blocks. In an instant the yielding of the ways could be heard, and in 13 minutes a ringing cheer burst from the crowd, as the enormous vessel began to move slowly and majestically toward the rippling water in the slip. Not a jar disturbed her course as she gathered speed in her onward career, and the crowd held their breath in silence as she rushed on. As she glided into the water an enormous wave rushed from each side and plenty people were almost immersed, amongst them an amateur photographer who lost all his much-prized views. In 16 minutes from the first tap of the hammer, the ship was floating quietly on the water, while cheer after cheer rose from the crowd and a hundred whistles saluted the beautiful ship.

The Manitoba was designed and built by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company’s fast line of steel steamers flying between Owen Sound and Port Arthur, and the fact of such a vessel being commenced and launched in so short a time is a credit not only to Owen Sound and to the Polson Iron Works Company, of Toronto and Owen Sound, who built her, but also to Canada as a country. The dimensions of the Manitoba are – 305 feet overall, 292 feet keel, beam 38 feet. She will be the largest vessel on the lakes."



From Guelph Weekly Mercury, May 9, 1889.