Important Events In Guelph - 1966

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1966

Edited: 2021 


1    Deborah Jean Bailey the first baby of the year in Guelph.
2    Colonel John McCrae Museum approved by Guelph City Council.
10   Two buildings, one containing Doughty McFarlane Co., the other Skov Plastics, gutted in first major fire of the year.
11   The 11th Field Regiment marks its 100th year.
23   Guelph population at 48,500.
27   St. Joseph’s Hospital’s annual report list over 7,000 patients in 1965.

2   Guelph citizens report wolves in the Woolwich St. – Woodlawn Rd. area.
8   Guelph Rotary Club marks 61st anniversary.
9   Guelph Guardian ends publication; University of Guelph installs Telex in Massey Library.


8    Council approves increase of three mills in tax rate, set at 117 mills for residential and 128 for business.


13   University of Guelph adopts three semester plan.
29   Guelph Township school board taken over by Guelph Board of Education; Wellington County tax set at 18 mills for 1966.


8     Canada Highway Safety Council show Guelph to be Canada’s 41st largest city.
9     David J. Wilson appointed new Director of Education.
10   Old Mahoney home at the corner of Norfolk and Northumberland Streets demolished to make way for the Norfolk underpass.
15    Large throngs view redecorated Church of Our Lady.
19    87 women are among those receiving Bachelor of Science degrees at the Ontario Agriculture College.
27   10,000 bee eggs and 500 larvae transported to University of Guelph strapped to a man’s waist in 24-hour trip from England.


3    Siamese twins born to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard McGee in Guelph, rushed to Toronto.
9    Guelph Masonic Lodge celebrates 100th anniversary.
11   Educational Television tried for first time in Guelph senior elementary schools.
28   Board of Education becomes Guelph District School Board.

15   A total of 21 Ontario scholarships won by Guelph High School students.
31   An 80-year-old Woolwich Street home demolished to make way for parking lot at First Baptist Church.


3    Joanne Young and Murray Evans win gold medals at CNE Music Festival.
6    Some 10,750 students placed in local classrooms.
11   Over 1,200 freshmen register at the University of Guelph; enrolment compiled at 3,439 persons.
18   The $90,000 YW-YMCA officially dedicated.
30   Governor-General and Mme. Vanier arrive for official visit.

1     Some 5,000 students give vice-regal party rousing welcome, then given day off school.
6     Subway on Wilson Street opened to traffic.
14    Boy Scout trophy missing for 30 years found in walls of King Edward Hotel.
26    Dr. J. A. Campbell receives 1966 Harvey W. Wiley award for outstanding contributions to development of analytical methods.


4    Awards and scholarships totaling more than $20,000.
18   David Hasson, 16, of R.R.I Ariss, wins Queen’s Guineas at Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.


3    Over $42,000,000 in total building permit value in first 11 months of 1966.
4    Guelph’s first public art gallery opens in special room at the [Guelph] Public Library.
13   Guelph Little Theatre to move to the old Salvation Army building.
27   Churches will participate in bell-ringing at midnight, December 31, 1966, to mark beginning of Centennial year.