Governor-General and MME. Vanier Visit Guelph

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1966

Edited: 2021


The pageantry that has marked the official visit to Guelph of Governor-General and Mme. Vanier assumed additional colour today as attention was directed especially to observance of the centenary of the 11th Field Regiment, Canadian Field Artillery.

Friday, as Their Excellencies participated in a purely civic program, the participants were clad in mufti, apart from his military aide-de-camp. Today, however, most of the official party wore colorful uniforms, including General Vanier.

His Excellency has a distinguished career in the Canadian Army, serving in the European Theatre from 1915 to 1918 before being wounded. Among his many military honors are the Distinguished Service Order and the Military Cross with bar.

As is the custom of the honored visitors, they attended mass again this morning at the Holy Rosary Church on Emma Street, leaving at 11 A.M. from their residence-on-wheels, the private car that is located at the Canadian National Railway station during their two-day stay in the Royal City. This was Their Excellencies only appearance prior to luncheon at the railway headquarters.

100-GUN SALUTE: At 2:20 o’clock this afternoon, as guns of the regiment boomed a 100-gun salute, the vice-regal party proceeded to Exhibition Park to attend the ceremonial parade and pageant celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 11th Field Regiment.

On arrival at the park at 2:30 p.m. they were met by Col. the Hon. George A. Drew, Honorary Colonel of the local regiment and Mrs. Drew; along with Lieutenant Colonel Thomas J. Bell, also ran an Honorary Officer and former Commanding Officer of the regiment, and Mrs. Bell, and Mrs. Donald G. Ingram, wife of the Commanding Officer.

Mme. Vanier, accompanied by Mrs. Drew, Lt.-Col. And Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Ingram, then proceeded to the grandstand. His Excellency accompanied by Col. Drew walked to the saluting base that had been placed in front of the main stand and the royal salute was given.

On invitation of the commanding officer, the Governor-General inspected the regiment. Riding in a Jeep, he was accompanied by Col. Drew, Lt.-Col. D. G. Ingram and Captain William Hammill, special aide-de-camp for the vice-regal visit to Guelph. Later His Excellency joined Mme. Vanier and the official party in the grandstand.

The regiment 'marched past' in formal procession across the stadium’s turfed field. Col. Drew, as Honorary Colonel of the regiment addressed the assembly and formally introduced the Governor-General. Then the regiment advanced in review order and the royal salute was given.

REVIVE HISTORY: History was revived in an hour-and-a-half show in front of the grandstand in pageant and band concert, with the band of the 11th Field Regiment providing the music.

There was a Roman catapult display by a high school class of students from Indianapolis, United States, and a display by a gun crew from Fort Henry, in their colorful period, uniforms with an old six-pounder cannon. There was also a display by a gun crew from the Royal Canadian Horse Artillery, Petawawa, with a nine-pounder cannon.


Of particular interest was the display of other artillery weapons that were used by Canadian forces, but now obsolete. There was also a demonstration of a 105-troop going into action in military manoeuvres.

This was followed by a fly-past of jet planes that roared overhead, making appearance right on schedule. The sounding of Last Post, a brief period of silent tribute to the war dead, and the awakening notes of The Reville, completed the afternoon military program in the park. Their Excellencies returned to their special car, along streets that once again were lined with citizens.

RECEPTION: This evening, the Governor-General and Mme. Vanier were to leave their railway-home for the Armoury to attend a reception in the gunners' mess. On arrival they were to be met by the Hon. George A. Drew, Honorary Colonel of the regiment and Mrs. Drew, Lt.-Col. D. G. Ingram, the Commanding Officer, and Mrs. Ingram.

Officers of the regiment and local garrison mess will be introduced with their wives to the vice-regal couple and at 6.30 P.M. the visiting dignitaries will leave the Armoury to return to their private car, in preparation for the proceeding to Toronto.

Tonight, the Artillery Ball will complete the ceremonies of observance of the regiment’s centenary that have been under way throughout the summer. Guests at the ball will be received by the Honorary Colonel and Mrs. Drew, the Commanding Officer and Mrs. Ingram, and Warrant Officer D. S. Herren and Mrs. Herren.