Volume 45

The British Methodist Episcopal Church in Guelph

Author: Melba Jewell Introduction Author: Debra Nash-Chambers Publication Date: 2006 Edited: 2022   Melba Jewell has been an asset to families and historians interested in the history of the Black community in Guelph. She has also been a valuable contact for the history of a pioneer settlement of former slaves who homesteaded in the Queen's Bush in Peel Township. Several...

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Frank Schofield in Guelph, 1922-1955

Author: J. Brian Derbyshire Publication Date: 2006 Edited: 2022     Dr. Frank Schofield was a faculty member at the Ontario Veterinary College from 1922, when the College moved from Toronto to Guelph, until his retirement in 1955. He was a distinguished teacher and scientist, and in his obituary of Dr. Schofield written in 1971, Dr. Larry Smith, his successor...

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Hello. This is Your Operator Speaking: The History of "Ma Bell" in Guelph 1879 to 1930

Author: Bonnie Durtnall Publication Date: 2006 Edited: 2022     It was a typical early spring day in Guelph. James Goldie had gone to Ottawa to represent the Miller's Association and to give evidence before Mr. Mills' Depression of Trade Committee. The wife of Henry Hignell, a well-known blacksmith, had given birth to a daughter two days earlier. A. O....

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The Muckraker or Bert Burns The "Black Sox"

Author: Greg Oakes Publication Date: 2006  Edited: 2022   The headline in the newspaper The Referee and the Baseball World, announcing the death of Bert Collyer, Saturday August 6, 1938. (Reproduction courtesy of the author).   Bert Collyer ran a journalistic empire during the 'Roaring Twenties' in Chicago. A flamboyant figure, he published a scandal sheet for 'Jazz Age' gamblers....

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John McCrae and McCrae House: Keeping The Faith For Those Who Died

Author: Bev Dietrich, Curator, Guelph Museums Publication Date: 2006 Edited: 2022     The image from the Ladies Home Journal (November 1918), that inspired Moina Michael to her to write her reply poem and establish the Memorial Poppy Fund. (Photograph courtesy of McCrae House).   After the death of John McCrae on January 28, 1978, tributes and memorials began arriving...

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Ruth Pollard: In Memoriam

Author: Unknown Publication Date: 2006 Edited: 2022     Ruth Pollard, former President of the Guelph Historical Society, died on December 21, 2005, in Wellington, Ontario. The funeral was held at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church in Guelph. As long-time members of the Society know, Mrs. Pollard's tenure as President had a profound influence on the activities of the Society. Mrs....

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