Volume 43

Risky Business (1st Prize Essay Contest Winner)

Author: Peter Bernardi Publication Date: 2004 Edited: 2021   Products for sale at 412 Elizabeth Street. (Photo by Joe Bernardi, 1969).   The ship "Andrea Doria" experienced a tragic end when she collided with another ship and sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 1955. Fortunately, her prior voyage brought my uncle, Joe Bernardi, safely across the Atlantic...

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The Evolving Streetscape of Waterloo Avenue

Author: Antoin Diamond Publication Date: 2004 Edited: 2021   Waterloo Avenue facing west from Gordon Street after the street railway was plied (1895).  (Source: Guelph Museum Archives, 2003).   The built landscape is the physical manifestation of the needs, values, and cultural traditions of those who create it. It was formed brick by brick, layer by layer through a combination...

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The Century-Old Law Family Home on Neeve Street

Author: Henry Law Publication Date: 2004 Edited: 2021     Left: Francis Law as a young pioneer. Right: 14 Neeve Street Guelph.   The stone house at 14 Neeve Street in Guelph which was built about 1878 has been the home to successive generations of the Law Family. The history of the house is also a history of the family...

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The Hotel Keepers' Trade: One Family's Experience in Victorian Guelph (2nd Prize Essay Contest Winner)

Author: Shawn Day Publication Date: 2003 Edited:     John McAteer, circa 1884.3       "Few words for our Town Innkeepers, I hope you don't get tight, Carry out your business decently from morning until night, So our visitors by the thousands will return and [have] to say They've been treated in our town of Guelph in a kind...

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Each for All and All for Each: The Story of The Guelph Co-Operative Association (3rd Prize Essay Contest Winner)

Author: Bonnie Durtnall Publication Date: 2003 Edited: 2021   The Guelph Co-operative Store; one of the strongest in Canada between 1909 and 1912. (Source: Canadian Co-operative Association).   This is the story of an enterprise founded by an unlikely group of entrepreneurs. It is a tale of a 'risky business' undertaken by working-class men who felt the need to help...

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GHS Placeholder

David Mowat, President, Guelph Historical Society, 1999 - 2001

Author: David Mowat, President, 1999-2001 Publication Date: 2003 Edited: 2021     In March 1998, Ross Irwin telephoned to invite me to join the board of the GHS with the intent of possibly becoming president in 1999. I would become a member-at-large on the board with no specific responsibilities - just observe and participate. I had never even attended a...

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