The Presto Club

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1964

Edited: 2021


The following is copied from a Guelph Presto Music Club programme dated Friday, February 15, 1946.

“On Wednesday afternoon, February 1898, a meeting, the aim of which was the organization of a Music Club, was held at the home of the late J. W. Kilgour. Miss Annie Kilgour (now Mrs. Buckingham) was appointed Chairman, and Miss Jessie Hill, Secretary Pro Tem.

Others interested, and later becoming members were Mrs. Gardiner Harvey, Miss Eva J. Taylor, Miss Hattie Kelly, Miss Ella Martin, Miss Augusta Cooke.

Later Miss Kilgour was appointed Convener and Miss Hill Secretary-Treasurer. After some discussion, it was decided that the group be known as 'The Ladies' Music Club': that meetings be held once a month, at which all members would be expected to play a piano solo and that the membership fee for the rest of the season, February to July, be five cents.

After an interesting programme, an adjournment was made.

At a subsequent meeting in April 1898, it was decided to change the club’s title, and after some discussion, and various names being suggested, the name ‘Presto’ was found to have the majority of three votes, hence the title 'The Presto Piano Club.'

In February, March and April 1898, several new piano members were added, and house meetings continued.”

The expansion of the Presto Club will appear in the next Historical Society publication.