Volume 37

Visual Arts in Guelph

Author: Helen Brimmell Publication Date: 1998 Edited: 2021   It was an omen, perhaps, that the first recorded artwork to come out of the fledgling community of Guelph, in Canada West, in 1830, was a drawing. Prepared for John Galt to accompany his article in Fraser's Magazine on the founding of the new village, it was published as a lithograph...

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The History of Advertising in Guelph's Newspapers 1847-1900

Author: B.M. Durtnall Publication Date: 1998 Edited: 2021   FROM ITERATION TO PERSUASION   "Promise, large promise is the soul of an advertisement."- Samuel J. Johnson, 1759. "There was a time when I thought the only aim of a newspaper was to be bright and newsy from a literary point of view. I have not changed my mind but have...

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The Guelph City Band

Author: Ross W. Irwin Publication Date: 1998 Edited: 2021     Guelph Musical Society Band in front of City Hall, c. 1914, with William Philp, conductor, standing behind bass drum. Philp directed the band 1878-1882 and 1910-1922.   Music and the performing arts hold a prominent place in the life and history of Guelph from its very beginning. On August...

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