Volume 36

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Unions, Associations and the Guelph Working Class

Working It Out: Unions, Associations, and the Guelph Working Class   Author: Bonnie M. Durtnall Publication Date: 1997 Edited: 2021   Orangemen preparing to march through Guelph, with banner for International Moulders' Unit No. 212 (Photograph courtesy of ARCHIVAL COLLECTIONS, GUELPH CIVIC MUSEUM).   In 1889 the Guelph recorder for the Ontario Bureau of Industries commented on the confused state...

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Royal City Soccer

Royal City Soccer: Its Associations, Clubs and Leagues Author: Tony Shaman Publication Date: 1997 Edited: 2021       O.A.C. Intermediate Inter-Collegiate Soccer Champions of Canada, 1932. Left to right: A.G. Allan (assistant manager), D.S. Kennedy (captain), C.S. Tinsley, P.G. Newell, T. Harper, A. Newby, H.C. Aitkin, B.E. Twamley, J. Arbuthnot, W. McMillan, N. Wood, P.W. Richardson, E. Smith (trainer), Prof....

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The IODE In Guelph 1909-1997

The IODE In Guelph 1909-1997 Author: Helen Brimmell Publication Date: 1997 Edited: 2021     As the 20th century dawned, shaking up ideas for the new age, Margaret Polson Murray of Montreal, along with friends there and in Toronto, encouraged the formation of a federation of women to promote patriotism, loyalty to the Crown and Empire, and service to others....

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