Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1963

Edited: 2022


Mr. Mike Dinning of Greenock, Scotland, has sent the president, Mr. Douglass, the following
information about John Galt’s grave in the Galt Memorial Cemetery, Inverkip Street, Greenock,
Scotland. The slabs show that his father, mother, and he are buried under I, his sister and brother-
in-law under III and his nephew and nieces under II.

Here are deposited the remains of John Galt, formerly shipmaster, and afterwards merchant in Greenock. He died on the 6th of August 1817 in the 67th year of his age, having uniformly enjoyed the esteem of all who knew him. Also, Jean Thomson, his spouse who died 18th July 1826 in the 80th year of her age. Also, John Galt their son, who died on the 11th April 1839, in the 60th year, author of The Annals of the Parish. Etc. etc.



Robert Andrew Macfie, fell asleep in Jesus, 4th October 1824 in the 17th year of his age, and Mary, his sister, 13th May 1826 having just completed her 15th year. Both died in faith with joyful hopes of a blessed immortality. Also their sister Jane Thomson Macfie, who departed this life with longing desire to be with Christ. She died 5th September 1831, age 22 years. The Saints in early life removed in sweeter accents sing and blessed the swiftness of the flight, That bore them to their King.



This stone is erected in affectionate remembrance by Agnes Galt, widow of Robert Andrew Macfie, late merchant in Greenock, who died 28th October esteemed by those who know him best. Surviving all parents, brothers, husband, and children, during a long pilgrimage throughout which upheld by Christian hope she bore with patience, much bodily suffering and zealously sought the kingdom of God on earth. This old disciple finished her course in peace 3rd April 1855 and was buried here. Phil III, 20, 21.