Guelph Grammar School

Author: Unknown

Publication Date: 1963

Edited: 2023


The President of the Society, Mr. Hugh Douglass, has come across some interesting information regarding the time and cost of the erection of the old Guelph Grammar School, which was the precursor of the Guelph High School, which in turn became the Guelph Collegiate. This building was the one that faced on Paisley Street at Arnold. The list below was selected from a long list of expenditures published in the Guelph Herald for January 14, 1851. The paper is in the Guelph Public Library.

From the auditor’s detailed statement of the receipts, expenditures, and liabilities of the Municipal Council of the County of Waterloo were recorded from February 10, 1849, to January 25, 1850, in terms of Act 12 Vic., caps 80 and 81.


James Armstrong, erecting Grammar School House.

Expenditures by J. Armstrong from October 10, 1849 to January 25, 1850. On account of erecting Grammar School.
 - £ 33.0.0
- £ 63.8.8
- £ 45.0.0
- £ 56.1.10
 Total: £ 199.9.11
Additional expenditures surveyed by J. Donaldson.
- £50.0.0
- £50.0.0
Total: £100.0.0