Historic Guelph

Historic Guelph is the annual Journal of the Guelph Historical Society.   Historic Guelph is a scholarly collection of essays on local history.  One copy of Historic Guelph is included in the annual membership fee.  Additional copies can be purchased for $10 each at our regular meetings, or by contacting our Publications Co-ordinator.  

Between 1963 and 1970, the GHS created an annual volume of its lecture notes, written by Society members.  This practice expanded into the publication of an annual journal of articles and essays written by both members and outside researchers/contributors.  Historic Guelph strives to be a valuable source of scholarly research and interesting stories to bring the unique history of Guelph to life.  

Call for Volunteers

The digitization of Historic Guelph is a manual job of scanning the old issues, and cutting and pasting the OCR text and images onto our website pages. We are currently looking for volunteers to help with this effort. If you have some time to help out, please email inquiries@GuelphHistoricalSociety.ca to express your interest. Please bear with us as we take the time to digitize all of our publications and then edit them online.

Thanks to the Guelph Chamber of Commerce for use of their scanner, and Northern Village for the use of their offices and software support in this effort.