Join us on March 1, 2016 for the next lecture in our Evenings With History series.

St. Andrew’s Church, Norfolk Street at 7:30 pm

 “True Stories of Love and Loss: The Rural Diary Archive Website”

Dr. Catharine Wilson is an award-winning scholar and teacher at the University of
Guelph whose passion is Rural History.  Wilson’s current research interest is reciprocal
work “bees” in 19th and 20th century Ontario – barn-raisings, threshing, and quilting
bees. This new project employs old farm diaries and builds on an innovative, award-winning pilot study. She is bridging the gap between academia and the public and her latest project, funded by the Redelmeier Professorship, the “Rural Diary Archive” website is an example of this and the subject of her March presentation. Cathy discovered these diaries during her current research and the “Rural Diary Archive” website showcases over 130 Ontario diarists from 1800 to 1960. Her presentation will acquaint you with these people from the past. You will learn about their stories of love and loss and how volunteers are transcribing these diaries online making them a rich resource for future researchers.

Refreshments will be served.